Remembering Denis Fillion, my dad


One year ago, on April 25 2012, my dad, Denis Fillion, died here in our house on Caledonia in Victoria BC. It was fitting that he spent his final months and days here in the house he loved so much — he moved in in the late 60’s and bought the house in 1972. He was a biologist, a teacher, a gardener, and an artist, and this house is a testament to his uniqueness and creativity.

I miss him every day, but being here in his house, and working in his garden reminds me of all of the good times we spent together, and it makes me remember how lucky I am to have had such an amazing dad.


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2 responses to “Remembering Denis Fillion, my dad”

  1. Liza Berry says :

    My boyfriend has been quizzing me lately if I knew the teacher up the road who had “all the wood stuff in his yard”. He was a really nice guy, he said. Today, I finally figured out that he was thinking of the wrong road. I never knew your dad, but knew the house. I even went in once to sign a petition with my mum about a proposal to tear down the houses next door. I had seen the news about your father’s passing and had to give my boyfriend that sad news. His mum owned the corner store at North Park and Quadra (now the bike shop). I was told that when a lot of people were still bigoted and treated their family poorly, your father was always beyond kind. He made a big enough impression that his name was remembered by my boyfriend all these years later. So – from both of us – sincere condolences and a thank you for keeping that house of wonder around…

    • ninethreeseven says :

      Hi Liza,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment… Reading it brought tears to my eyes — I shared it with my brother and I am going to add it to my dad’s memory book.

      I remember the corner store at Quadra and North Park; it was my favourite place to go for popsicles and penny candy when I was a kid. I’m not sure when your boyfriend’s family owned it, but I remember the family that owned it in the mid 1990’s and they were super nice people… Always patient with us kids filling up our little paper bags with candy and counting out our pocketfuls of quarters and nickels and dimes.

      Again, thank you so much for taking the time to comment — it means so much to us!


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