Our house: 1970’s edition


I came across this wonderful photo of our house on the Hallmark Heritage Society’s website. It was taken during the 1970’s, so my dad would have been living in the house as either a renter or an owner. The Hallmark Heritage Society’s website has some fantastic pictures of older houses across the city — I spent a few hours looking at photos of houses in Fernwood and North Park.

I also looked at photos of some of the beautiful houses on Caledonia that were torn down for development over the past few decades — it’s sad that they are gone, but wonderful that a record of these old beauties is available online.

Here’s a link to the Hallmark Society’s website; I hope you have as much fun checking out your neighbourhood as I did! www.victoriahistory.ca


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2 responses to “Our house: 1970’s edition”

  1. Dennis says :

    It was fun to see all the old homes. It reminds be of New Brunswick so much. I love the pictures of the old brick homes the best as I love the character it gives them. However my grandparents house was an old ranch style with wood plank siding and it was beautiful too.

    • ninethreeseven says :

      Ahhh, I love brick too. One of the things I love about Ottawa is all of the beautiful old brick houses; some of them are so ornate and whimsical, with their turrets and fluted chimneys :)

      I’ve never been to New Brunswick but I would love to visit. It looks like a beautiful province.

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