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January visit to Victoria BC


Happy new year!

Only one more week of enduring Ottawa’s freezing temperatures until I’ll be on a much needed break in Victoria! On the top of my list is a trip to the Victoria Public Market, something I’ve been excited about since the plan to create a market in the Hudson building was announced last year. The market looks amazing and it’s only a few blocks from my house. I’m especially looking forward to visiting Cowichan Bay Seafood; the Victoria Pie Company, and La Cocina de mama Oli.

In the spirit of New Year’s, I’ve created a list of things I need to / would like to get done this year:

  • Paint the house and garage.
  • Put a new roof on the garage.
  • Build a small shed to store firewood.
  • Turn the attic into a beautiful, livable space and install a washroom.
  • Rebuild our compost bins.
  • Prune the apple trees, the pear tree, and the fig tree.
  • Do something about the kiwi vines that are taking over the Southeast corner of the property.
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