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January visit to Victoria BC


Happy new year!

Only one more week of enduring Ottawa’s freezing temperatures until I’ll be on a much needed break in Victoria! On the top of my list is a trip to the Victoria Public Market, something I’ve been excited about since the plan to create a market in the Hudson building was announced last year. The market looks amazing and it’s only a few blocks from my house. I’m especially looking forward to visiting Cowichan Bay Seafood; the Victoria Pie Company, and La Cocina de mama Oli.

In the spirit of New Year’s, I’ve created a list of things I need to / would like to get done this year:

  • Paint the house and garage.
  • Put a new roof on the garage.
  • Build a small shed to store firewood.
  • Turn the attic into a beautiful, livable space and install a washroom.
  • Rebuild our compost bins.
  • Prune the apple trees, the pear tree, and the fig tree.
  • Do something about the kiwi vines that are taking over the Southeast corner of the property.

Our house: 1970’s edition


I came across this wonderful photo of our house on the Hallmark Heritage Society’s website. It was taken during the 1970’s, so my dad would have been living in the house as either a renter or an owner. The Hallmark Heritage Society’s website has some fantastic pictures of older houses across the city — I spent a few hours looking at photos of houses in Fernwood and North Park.

I also looked at photos of some of the beautiful houses on Caledonia that were torn down for development over the past few decades — it’s sad that they are gone, but wonderful that a record of these old beauties is available online.

Here’s a link to the Hallmark Society’s website; I hope you have as much fun checking out your neighbourhood as I did!

Weekly curiosity: Mystery bones


I’m not sure what species of animal these bones belong to, or what we are going to do with them, but for now they live on a little wooden bench in our living room. There’s something nice about a stack of bones — clean, simple and beautiful.

YouTube: Our house featured on “The Daily”

Check out this short video that aired on Shaw TV’s “The Daily” about our house in Victoria BC and the stone wall and sculptures in the front yard.

The wall is full of treasures, including old bottles, an antique sewer pipe and a replica orca fin. Repainting the fin will be a good project for my vacation in Victoria in July, along with a less fun task — putting a new roof on the garage!

Somewhere under these weeds is a garden…

The garden today:

ImageYou can’t tell by looking, but in among the weeds are established potato and asparagus beds.

This photo is a reminder of some of the things that need to be done this year:

  • Get rid of scrap wood
  • Replace the garage roof
  • Prune the kiwis
  • Fix up the greenhouse
  • Get the weeds under control

We also need to repaint the garage, but that’ll be a job for next summer!

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