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Weekly curiosity: Mystery bones


I’m not sure what species of animal these bones belong to, or what we are going to do with them, but for now they live on a little wooden bench in our living room. There’s something nice about a stack of bones — clean, simple and beautiful.


Weekly curiosity: Cougar skull


This is one of the coolest specimens in our collection: a cougar skull. It’s in good shape, but it’s missing its canine teeth. If its missing it’s canines, then what are those two large, pointed teeth? They are prosthetic canines made out of… Papier mâché. Which is a fancy term I am using for toilet paper and water molded into the shape of a tooth.

I love this skull and I wish I knew a little bit more about it — where it came from and how old the cougar was. A lot of the specimens in our collection were gifts given to my dad, which means I don’t know a lot about their origins. Many were gifts from his students, others from friends, and others from friends-of-friends who heard about the dude with the crazy skull collection.

One of the oddest gifts my dad received was a walrus baculum — I’ll let you google that for yourselves. Maybe it’s worthy of a weekly curiosity post of its own!

Weekly curiosity: Boar(?) skull


I love the weathered look of this skull. Gray and covered with lichen, it looks like it has an interesting past. Where did it come from? Who found it? And what type of animal is it — a boar? A hog? Something else?

If you can help me identify what kind of animal this skull came from, please leave a comment!

Weekly curiosity: Horse skull


This cool old horse skull has been in our living room for as long as I can remember and it’s one of my favourite skulls. It’s beautiful and massive and it has gorgeous teeth. I love it.

This is the first in my “weekly curiosity” series of photos. Every week I will feature an object from our house — you can expect photos of biological specimens, artifacts from the early days of Victoria BC, skulls, religious iconography, and works of art.

I hope you find these photos interesting, don’t hesitate to comment if you have any questions!

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